Digital Technology has created revolutionary changes in the tourism industry, personal services of travel agents is undeniable - arranging your travel services with ease financially and exploring all networks to render quality service.

         Being a graduate of Foreign Service major in International Relations, travel documentation is not an easy one - it is a constant challenge for us. It is like playing chess with Case Officers just to win a travel permit. We always face a never ending change of embassies' / consulates' policies and complying with regulations of different government authorities.

       ECT - Brillante Travel Services (ECTBTS) was founded in 2000 with its vision to be a world class one-stop busines center for everyone's travel exploration.

       Our QUEST is to provide brilliant, transparent & compassionate travel services to our clients through our experience, efficiency and values drawn from our Christian tradition, and be the best travel agency in Baguio City.

     To God be the Glory.





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